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15 April 2020


There are many people who want to acquire their best physique, but only a few are willing to put in the work that is required, You can read this book a thousand times and study every topic on fitness, but until you take action you will never obtain the results you desire. Many people work hard toward their fitness goals year after year, but still haven’t made the progress they expected.

There is someone in this world that has five times as many excuses as you, yet still chooses to do what it takes to go after their fitness goal, Think of those infomercials you see on TV with people who lose tons of weight in 90 days and end up with a toned, muscular physiqu, You may often think those advertisements are fake and even if they aren’t, it would take way longer than 90 days to achieve those kinds of results.

If you present the same 90-day weight loss program to an average person, they may follow it one day and slack off another day, So instead of 90 days it would take that person 180 days to reach their goal, The only difference is that the people in the infomercials wanted to achieve their goal so bad, they did not waste any days of working towards it, They used their motivation and drive to put in the work necessary to acquire their physique. As cliché as it may sound, this is a true example of the work you put in is the work you get out.


here are people who work out all the time in order to better their physique, yet make little to no progress toward their goal. This is most likely because their nutrition doesn’t support the goal they are trying to achieve. Think about trying to grow a plant. You have to place a seed in some soil, expose it to the sun, add a specific amount of water and wait for it to grow.

Imagine your body as the seed, exercise as the sun, and calories as the water you need to achieve your goal, Some individuals provide their body with enough exercise (sun), yet drench their body with too much or too little calories (water) which causes their body (seed) to not develop into the physique they want, You are in always in control of what happens to your body by the choices you make.

If you want quicker results, exercise with intensity and be more accurate with your nutrition on a consistent basis. As simple as it sounds, the average person struggles to get it done because their excuses eventually outweigh their motivation for achieving their own goal. Define yourself as being better than average, and go beyond what the average person does.

o pursue and accomplish a goal gives you the confidence to do anything you say you will. Through fitness, you are able to push yourself to become a better individual while directly obtaining the reward for your consistency and hard work, Achieving your fitness goal is a challenge, which is why you don’t see everyone walking around with perfect bodies, Without challenges an individual will never grow, so avoid being too comfortable where you are, your mind controls your body, so having the right mindset will allow you to get through any challenges you face.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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